By offering structured Self-diagnosis pain profiling and matching simple, elegant and accessible self-care exercise videos and individualised therapy support, Healo is revolutionising the way you get pain relief and heal yourself. Healo is the first ever service to systematise, and make available at all times, pain relief self-treatment in an app.


The pain relief self-treatments in Healo are based on validated and proven exercise programmes from Physiotherapy, with support from Naprapathy, Chiropractics, Pilates, and Medicinal Yoga.

The unique approach in Healo is to combine pain scientists and researchers with clinical expertise to structure and select the best exercises to match the most common musculoskeletal disorders, to create the most effective and up-to-date pain relief and healing self-care regimens.

The team behind healo

Healo is developed with love by a team of user experience-centred, tech savvy, and wellness passionate people.

Developed in Sweden by Empowered Applications in collaboration with our medical council and highly qualified tech partners.

developed in sweden
AVAILABLE world wide

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